The Power of Yes!

It has been an exciting and inspirational week at HPDS!

On Monday, the grade 8 students attended a screening of SOAR, a documentary about the challenges and opportunities faces in grade 9. Created by Stu Saunders, the founders of Youth Leadership Camps Canada, the documentary includes interviews and clips from motivational speakers. A major theme of the film was how saying YES to positive opportunities and trying new things (friends, clubs, subjects) can have an amazing impact on your high school career and future! The film was inspirational, funny, and powerful. Click here to learn more, or click here to watch the teaser for the film. 

On Tuesday, the students and staff of HPDS were treated to another inspirational highlight. Tracy Schmitt, born a four way amputee, joined us to share her story and teach us about how a positive attitude, perseverance and resourcefulness has helped to shape her extraordinary life! Tracy talked about her love of swimming, rock climbing and sailing, and reminded the students that trying hard and accessing help from others can enrich their lives as well. The presentation lasted nearly an hour and a half, and the students still wanted more! Amazingly, Tracy then joined the students in the park to teach them a modified game and demonstrate how she drives her van. A HUGE thank you to Tracy for her wonderful visit, and to Mrs. Lord for organizing this learning opportunity for all of us.

tracy schmitt.JPG

Click this link to read all about Tracy and donate to help her make it to the Paralympics!

How has YES changed your life for the better? Log in to Edsby and share your stories with us in the School Chat forum!

Have a great weekend everyone!