Student Review: Book Week!

Below, read the wonderful book week review written by one of our senior students!

Book Week Review

From the 5th-9th of May, HPDS had book week, a week where the students of HPDS celebrate books and have lots of other fun and book related activities. On Monday May 5th was the first day of book week and we had a guest author Marion Gadsby. She wrote a science text book as a co-author. Co-author means she wrote a book not alone but with another person. Marion Gadsby was a teacher before, and to talk about copyright in Canada, she also brought some science tools for the students to experiment, and see how they work.

On Tuesday May 6th a guest illustrator Matt Cassan worked with illustration. Matt Cassan taught the students how to draw emotions and characters.

On the morning of Wednesday the 7th of May the students of HPDS went to the library to get some French books for French class later in the day.

On Thursday May 8th author Marcela Durán visitied the school to talk about the story Jason,  it was a true story about her family and a bird called “Jason”. Marcela Durán immigrated from Chile to Canada. She left us two copies of the book Jason.

On Friday the 9th of May the students of HPDS dressed up like their favourite book characters and explained who they were. A film maker Mark Johnston came over he talked about some documentaries. The students learned about one documentary in particular, about Mount Everest the dangers, history and stories. He talked about where he got his inspiration, where he started in film making and how many people it took. He told us the number of films he made, a great 62 films.

That’s the book week for this year. If you are an author, co-author, illustrator, film maker or anything of the sort, join us at HPDS for another great book week.