Learning Gets a Face-Lift at HPDS!

This has been a week filled with exciting moments!

New Signs on our Building!

In order to make our presence more prominent in the neighbourhood and let people know what we're all about, we have installed a series up new signs outside the building and on our windows. Have a look!

Something Amazing Going On...

In the Senior classroom, students have been buzzing with energy, working towards finishing a series of mystery related projects. The research portion of the conspiracy theory assignment had the whole class up on it's feet as two students from different groups made an amazing connection and ended up developing their own theory about Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle - stay tuned for that - no spoilers here!

In the Junior room, students worked together during Math class to follow and then create their own patterns!


  • Next Friday is a PA Day at HPDS.
  • We are looking for parent volunteers to help organize some upcoming events at/for school.
  • Please log into Edsby regularly for important school news and updates.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!