The Human Body Unit!

Our second term has started off with a bang! The Human Body Unit has explored seemingly endless topics from active living, healthy nutrition, human body systems and cell structures, to adolescence, hygiene and body image...and there's still a week to go!

Since returning to school in January, the students have gone on an 'Active Living' field trip each Friday. Planned and executed by Mr.Payne, these field trips have been an incredible addition to the experience of our students and the overall building of our curriculum here at HPDS. The students have had the opportunity to push themselves physically and mentally, trying sports and activities for the first time, and building confidence along the way. Be sure to click on the embedded blue links below to visit the websites of these great places!

The first field trip was to The Monkeyvault parkour gym, where students bounced, rolled, jumped, spun and swung around obstacle courses designed just for them.

Next up, the students went bouldering and rock climbing at Boulderz Climbing Centre, where they tested there physical endurance and fear of heights!

Then the students spent an afternoon moving their bodies to music at the Body Language Academy of Dance, just across the street from us here on Jane Street.

Last but not least (in fact it was a top choice of students overall), was CJ Skateboard Park and School in Etobicoke. Students geared up in protective equipment and learned tons of skateboarding skills (including the correct way to fall!).

There's still more! During our PBL Projects, students have been learning a wide variety of specialized knowledge in preparation to transform HPDS into a wellness centre and walk-in clinic. The senior students have been researching and teaching each other about body systems in preparation for creating info-graphics that detail the need-to-knows about common illnesses, viruses and diseases. Below, check out the body systems "Live Share" that the seniors participated in, teaching and learning from one another while making connections and seeing, in real time, how the different systems interact and depend on one another.

One last HUGE SHOUT OUT to Mr.Payne for all of his hard work organizing, fundraising and chaperoning these incredibly rich learning experiences for the students and staff of HPDS. You make us proud, and fit!