Our School

Be prepared to re-think what education looks like.

Our Philosophy:

At High Park Day School we believe that all students have the potential to be active, independent thinkers and learners. We believe that an effective education is not a uniform one.

We strive to differentiate our lessons and teaching styles to provide a unique program for every student. We believe that confidence and motivation are the seeds of life-long learning, and that without these, education becomes a to-do list rather than an exploration of ideas, interests and values. We develop our curriculum to be the latter, allowing the students’ questions to drive our lessons, units and assessments.

We believe in every child’s potential to be a motivated learner. We provide students with the skills they need for self-guided learning and personal growth. Our personalized programs are supported by qualified, creative teachers in classes of no more than 12 students. Students are given the freedom to pursue their own interests within a curriculum created to answer their questions! Confidence-building is our first goal. With confidence, students can become passionate and reflective lifelong learners.

What is High Park Day School?

  • Alternative day school for grades 1-8
  • Small groups (maximum 12 students per teacher)
  • Personalized programs for Math, Language, French and all additional curriculum content (student driven)
  • Hands-on, meaningful lessons and field trips
  • Regular parent communication
  • Build confidence and motivation


How is High Park Day School different?

  • Skill-based curriculum
  • Personalized program to ensure strong foundation in basic skills (reading, writing, math) and higher order thinking skills (critical thinking, problem solving, metacognition)
  • Confidence at the core
  • Teaching to each student’s learning style, while helping to develop other learning skills
  • Encouraging students to “stand in their strength” and foster development of those strengths


Our Commitment:

  • Provide a safe and positive learning environment
  • Develop confidence in all students
  • Help students reach their maximum learning potential
  • Foster a life-long love of learning
  • Develop higher-level thinking skills