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Homework Requirements

It is our policy to give students homework on a daily basis for the review and retention of newly learned concepts.  Daily practice will help students to master concepts more readily and work through their program at the appropriate pace.  Regularly completing homework also fosters independence and responsibility.

Homework will be reflective of the days work that has already been learned, discussed with the teacher and practiced in class.  The teacher will also review the homework assignment with each student to ensure understanding of what is required. Students are expected to complete homework independently, although younger students may require assistance with reading instructions. We will not send work home for concepts that a student continues to have difficulty with, as we will continue to work on this in class.   Therefore it should never be the case that a student “does not understand” the homework and cannot complete it.

*Please remember that your child’s program has already been carefully tailored to their individual level and needs.  Our expectations are very realistic and the program is designed to promote optimal development of academic and learning skills.  Homework completion is an integral part of your child’s program and is essential for growth and success.