Spring Forward!

It has been a week filled with accomplishments at HPDS! As we wrap up our Planet Earth Unit and prepare for our April Break, many of the students have begun to share and present their projects.

In the Junior class (grades 1-3), a letter from the Bloor West BIA arrived, granting them permission to plant and tend to four of the planters along Jane Street, just outside of our school! This was a huge accomplishment after the students learned about plants, sprouted seeds, and wrote up a proposal to the BIA explaining the specific needs of these planters that get quite a lot of direct sunlight. The students also took some time this week to care for the plants at school. By adding soil, dusting leaves, and topping up the water in each pot, the students practiced caring for our leafy friends and prepared for the job of tending their project planters!

In the Intermediate class (grades 4-5), the students rearranged the furniture and set up an audience for their debate project! The students practiced presenting their arguments for the Junior students and our CYWs. The debate is centred around the use of natural resources in Canada. Founding their arguments in sound research and a detailed study of how humans use and rely on natural resources, the students have become passionate geologists and activists!

Kindness and Mindfulness

High Park Day School participated in Kindness Week back at the beginning of March, and to add the concept of mindfulness and being kind to ourselves as well as others, we invited our community partner Paulette Goddard from Calm Spectrum Consulting into school to teach our students some techniques to find calm and relaxation throughout the day. This week, Paulette reported that the students have shown a great deal of progress in their breathing techniques and openness to trying new mediations. As a follow-up to both of these programs, the students prepared thank-you letters for members of our neighbourhood who share the sidewalks, parks and playgrounds with us. The students then delivered these letters to our neighbours. It was wonderful to see how inspired and happy the students were to carry out these acts of kindness!

Our Visual Arts program is wrapping up next week in preparation to welcome Mr.Force from Neighbour Note back for yet another wonderful Music program. Check out these pictures from our life drawing class on Monday!

No shortage of characters at HPDS:

Have a great weekend everyone!


The Senior students' Humber River Open House will take place on Tuesday evening from 6:00-7:30 pm. Please come and bring a friend!

The school will be closed on Friday, April 3rd and for the following week. Classes resume on Monday, April 13th, which is also the launch day of our third annual BOOK WEEK!