The Planet Earth Unit Begins!

Welcome back! After a well deserved Family Week, we are reenergized and ready for more. This week, the Planet Earth Unit began! Each class will be covering a different yet connected project about one or more aspect of life on Earth. The Junior students are learning about the life of plants, with a goal to design and create sustainable gardens along the sidewalk of Jane Street outside our school. The Intermediate class is learning about tectonic plates, volcanoes and studying the use of renewable and non-renewable resources with a geologist's perspective. The Senior students are learning about Earth, particularly water, at the atomic level, and preparing an open house which strives to answer the driving question: How can we, as water management experts, educate the members of the Humber River community on how to conserve the Humber River ecosystem and water supply? Watch out for invitations! The open house will take place on the evening of Tuesday, March 31st.

Peer to Peer Learning

On Thursday, the Senior students paired up with the Junior class to teach and assess their knowledge of the water cycle. This was an important review for the Seniors, who are practicing their presentation skills and prior knowledge of water. After an interactive, illustration based lesson, the Seniors used an iPad app to test their students!

Karma Visit

The Senior students were excited to return to our regular Karma Food Coop schedule today, and not only did a fantastic job stocking and reorganizing the shelves, but inducting our new student into the routines and expectations as well!

A Shift to Visual Arts

Our Arts program has shifted back to Visual Arts, being taught by Mr.Downey. The older students have received their own personal sketch books, and will be learning a wide variety of classical and experimental drawing techniques. The younger group will be exploring colour and texture, creating pieces inspired by nature! Mr.Force and the music program will be starting up again for our Game of Life Unit, beginning in April.


In the coming weeks, students will be going on skating and tobogganing field trips on Fridays. Please be sure to watch for permission forms and supply lists! Students will need equipment (including helmets) in order to participate. Along with your children, we need your diligent efforts to ensure that students are able to attend and have fun!