Hands On Textiles!

It has been another engaging week of learning through doing at HPDS!

In Art class, students explored different characteristics of textiles by cutting shapes to create textile pictures. While sifting through the wide variety of textile scraps that have been donated, students made decisions about colour, pattern, thickness and transparency. They also learned about they types of threads and the durability of textiles while they cut out their various shapes.

On Wednesday, our HDPS house groups joined to help the Junior Students learn about the fur trade in Canada. Mr. Payne organized the groups into trading companies and First Nations groups. Cards represent useful tools and beaver pelts were distributed, and groups mixed together, negotiating and trading goods for pelts. Each time the trading occurred, students learned about the various challenges faced by each group: language differences, slow pelt seasons, and competition.

In the Senior Class on Friday, the students worked in their project teams to design clothing prototypes in a Paper Pattern Function Fashion Challenge! Giving a list of real-life design restrictions, the teams worked to create patterns for garments and accessories that had to demonstrate function, versatility and innovation. The final results were hilarious, but the learning was genuine!