Springing Forward!

As the spring season has (finally) begun, we have begun to wind down our innovation unit and look forward to the final unit of the year!

On Monday, the senior students presented their innovation research projects. Given the opportunity to chose their own topics, the students were motivated to learn and find as much information as they could in the given time frame. The students were given a variety of tools to help them: a bibliography guide, a day-by-day task checklist, and a rubric of project expectations. After their presentations which ranged in topic from scuba gear to Japanese Manga comics, the students wrote a reflection on their successes, challenges and which research tool supported their work most. Reflections also included a paragraph about which 21st Century skill they felt they needed to improve and set goals for. 

The second portion of these projects was done by all the students, including the juniors and intermediates: design a new invention prototype and create an ad campaign for it! The senior students were asked to design the next improved version of their research topics, while the junior and intermediate students were given more flexible guidelines. Again, using a project outline and marking sheet, students were held accountable to do their best work, as they met one-on-one with a teacher to conference and set goals for each step of the process. By the end of the week, the students had created wonderful products and commercials!

Karma Food Co-op Progress

This week’s visit to the Karma Food Co-op was a particular success. Students demonstrated initiative, independence and positivity while working through a list of tasks which have now become routine. Bagging produce, pricing, stocking shelves and cleaning with very little support, the students set an excellent example and have really grown to be a wonderful representation of High Park Day School!

UP NEXT: Book Week! We have three authors and an illustrator lined up for visits to HPDS next week…and that’s just the guests! Stay tuned for what will likely be one of our best weeks (and posts) yet!