Our Literacy Program is one of our proudest achievements at High Park Day School. Completely personalized, the program delivers appropriate challenges to students and changes as they meet learning goals. These goals are chosen by both students and teachers collaboratively.

The Literacy Program is divided into three different learning scenarios: Guided Reading, One-on-One Literacy Development, and Independent Language Centres. Every week, students engage with these three learning scenarios.

Guided Reading

At the beginning of each school year, and again before each Progress Report, students’ reading comprehension is assessed formally. This, and writing samples help us to develop our personalized program. In Guided Reading, students meet one-on-one (or in small groups within the same reading level) with a teacher to read a book. Focussing on vocabulary, intonation, context, themes and reading for understanding, the student and teacher read aloud to one another and take time to enjoy the story!

One-on-One Literacy Development

During this portion of the Literacy Program, students work with a teacher in a mini-lesson focussed around an individual learning goal. Students may use materials from their independent work to discuss sentence structure, spelling patterns, organization or any other appropriate skill that needs development. Having this time with the teacher allows the students to learn exactly what they need and to incorporate personal interests into the topics being read and written!

Independent Language Centres

Once or twice a week, students also have time to work independently on specific language skills. Cursive writing and typing skills are practiced, as well as reading comprehension and grammar. Students also choose topics to write about, and compose work that will later be discussed and worked on during the One-on-One Literacy Development portion of the program.