Community Involvement!

It has been a very busy and very productive week at HPDS! Action groups have begun to wrap up the research and planning phase of their projects. The Animal Rights group was delighted to have an opportunity to interview one of our HPDS parents. As a scientist who often works with animals and also happens to be an animal lover, she was able to impart the students with a wider perspective on the issue. Thanks Kristina!!

photo 1

Grade 7 Student In the News!

One of our grade 7 students has taken action outside of school as well! He has been vigorously working on planning his second annual Bake Sale to raise money for the Hospital for Sick Children here in Toronto. In order to help spread awareness and ensure lots of foot traffic, we organized a phone interview between the student and the journalists at Metro News! Watch out for the Metro paper on Monday, June 10th, and don’t miss the Bake Sale on Saturday, June 15th from 11:00am to 1:00pm!

photo 2

Community Art Project!

As the school year begins to wind down, our yearbook committee has been steadily working away at getting each page polished and ready to print. On Friday, Angela (a parent volunteer who is heading the yearbook project) joined our class to run a fantastic group-work art project with the goal of creating a colourful cover page for the yearbook. Angela lead a discussion about drawing, shared some inspiring artists and videos, and then allowed the students to experiment with drawing movement (of paper airplanes!).

photo 1(1)

Following this, the students were positioned around a massive canvas and allowed to experiment further with line using different materials (paint, straws and wind) and cooperation!

photo 2(1)

The students were very excited about the process, and none of us can wait to see the final product! Thanks Angela!

***Reminder*** All students need a water bottle and hat at school now that the hot weather has finally arrived. Also remember to please send your child to school wearing athletic footwear so that our gym classes on Monday and Wednesday can be outside if the weather agrees.

Have a great weekend!